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Erin is an amazing teacher, leader, inspiration. She guided both our boys through their early Montessori education and was a fantastic ally as they began their school lives. Her love and talent with music were especially appreciated, as was her steady hand with Marcus and Clayton's strengths and challenges. Any parent would be lucky to have her at the helm of their children's school!


Angela Donnelly CFO at Fresh City Farms

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter of reference in support of Erin Kerr. I have known Erin for ten years, in both a professional and personal capacity, and recommend her strongly as a children's educator and school principal.  Erin and I met while teaching English in a private school in South Korea for children aged 3 to 18.  We taught together for two years and have remained in close contact since our return to Canada.  If you are looking for a smart, talented and fun teacher, Erin is the perfect match.

Erin thoroughly connects with her students and builds strong, trusting relationships with them, exemplified by the fact that she is still in contact with some of her students from South Korea.  At the pre-school and elementary levels, she creatively writes original songs to match the curriculum and engage the classes.  Erin was also beloved by the staff at our school in South Korea, easily taking over as Head Teacher when the position became available, so I was not surprised when she displayed similar characteristics and jumped at the chance to once again be the principal of her own school.  As a friend, Erin has always been very supportive and caring.  We have continued our friendship over these ten years, and she is often the first person I contact when in need of advice or have news to share.  Erin has a knack for building and maintaining strong, enduring friendships.

These relationship-building skills and her incredible love of children make Erin an asset as the principal of Lodestar Montessori School.

Erin would be an amazing teacher for any child, and I wholeheartedly recommend her.




Megan Davidson

Library Clerk at Gravenhurst Public Library

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